On Design & Manufacturing side as on today

We at Enertech Devices are able to design the applications using higher end Controllers. We have great Experience in Electrical and Instrumentation Field. We are much strong in the development of any specific application products as per the user's need. We have a range of standard products in our manufacturing activity and we are proud to say that our clients are happiest ones. We are able to provide not only Microcontroller solutions but a complete solution for any product. ENERTECH DEVICES is COMPLETE SOLUTION for your requirements.

Industrial Systems

Enertech Devices has designed and developed hardware and software for measurement, protection and control of various electrical parameters. We have last 22 years of experience in development of the instruments related to electrical applications. We have developed automatic Power factor Controller units, all types of power metering devices. We have developed complete range of timers digital as well as analog. These are low cost and robust. We have lot of customers those are using these timers for last 8 to 10 years.

Some of the successful applications:
  • Automatic PF Controllers
  • Voltage, Current, Frequency Meters
  • Weighing Systems
  • Timing and Counting Instruments
  • Sand Testing Equipments for Foundries
  • Various control and protection units such as SPP’s, Timers etc
  • Real Time Products
  • Special Purpose Instruments
Following is the list of few applications we have developed for our clients
Sr. No. Description of Development Application
1 PRM indicator 0-10V , 1500 RPM VFD Applications
2 4 to 20 ma Source Process Control
3 PWM LED light controller 1 ch Surgical Lighting
4 PWM LED light controller 2 ch Surgical Lighting
5 Temperature Controller PT100 HI-LO Temperature Alarm System
6 Temperature Controller TC HI-LO Temperature Alarm System
7 Home Protector UV, OV, Short Circuit, Earth Leakage
8 LVM Dinrail Generator Applications
9 Frequency / RPM Indicator Generator Applications
10 Zero Speed Sensor (675) Process Control in Foundry
11 Servo Stabilizer Card Servo Voltage Control
12 Charge Controller Small Solar Charge Controller
13 Temperature + Humidity Indicator For BTS Application
14 GSM based Pump Control Agricultural Application
15 Other Agricultural Products Agricultural Application